About Us

Beginning with our initial meeting in April 2012, one person’s inspired dreams (Shari) and one person’s occupation (Scott) started a five year evolution which has brought us back to a new beginning………a beginning of a new business, ALL ABOUT BASEBALLS AND BEYOND.


Scott and Shari Berry have partnered in life and in a new and unique business venture which highlights Shari’s inspired dreams, her creativity skills and her artistic abilities and Scott’s career in baseball, education, and athletics. Together they are carrying out a dream to use sports and, more specifically, sports balls to create jewelry, novelties, and other sports related creations. Currently, several of these baseball inspired creations have copyrights (Batty About Baseball, Home is Where the Heart is, Christ in the Home, Americas Favorite Pastime ball) and we are excited to share them with the world.


Shari’s blessing for being creative, her passion for creative art, and her love for creating new things is the driving force behind this labor of love. After years of raising a family and working in the business world, Shari’s long standing desire to pursue her passion to create has given this business a kick start. Combining Shari’s abilities and passion with Scott’s 40+ years of working in the education field with the vast majority of these years spent coaching baseball, we have a wealth of traits conducive to starting and operating this exciting business called ALL ABOUT BASEBALLS AND BEYOND.


The foundation of our new business is the utilization of old and used baseball leather. Shari has spent countless hours investigating and researching a multitude of different ways that baseball leather can be used in handcrafting jewelry, creating custom made and original novelties and ornaments, and other unique and inspiring sports related creations. Our faith, our family, our home, and our country are very important to us and you will readily see that our original artwork is the cornerstone of this new venture. We believe you will appreciate the inspired creations introduced on this website. It will be clear to see that the love of baseball/sports and the love of creating art are the inspiration and driving force behind this business.