Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

LEAD TIME:  Our current lead time is approximately 1 - 2 weeks.  For custom and personalized items, this lead time will be extended.  We will give you an estimated processing time upon receiving your request.  If you have an urgent need for one or more of our products, please note that in the "Order Notes" section on the Check Out page and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.  This such request could result in additional shipping and handling costs.  You can also reach us at allaboutbaseballsandbeyond@gmail.com.

PRODUCT INFORMATION:  The backing of our Exclusive Ornament products, our 10" Bat and our 14" Cross, are made from white ash wood.  We do not paint or stain these products because the white ash is representative of the material baseball bats are made from.  We do however, seal each piece with a light coating of polyurethane.

Our jewelry products are fashion jewelry pieces made from sterling silver or silver plated materials and do have the tendency to tarnish.  We enclose a "polishing" cloth with each order so that you can polish your piece periodically or as needed to keep it bright and shiny.

CUSTOMER OWN MATERIAL:  We are willing to work with our individual customers on products that would involve using your own personal baseballs, softballs or footballs. Please e-mail us if you have a special piece you would like made in to a treasure. Additional shipping and handling charges may apply for any unused materials that are returned.

DISCLAIMER:  Each piece of our artwork and the leather used in our jewelry pieces are hand crafted, hand cut and hand stitched.  We use "used" sports balls, both the leather and the seams.  Each piece is genuinely unique in and of itself because of the varied wear and tear on the balls.  Some products might have faint words or lettering on the leather from the manufacturing company or the organization where the balls were played and may also sport some "beauty marks", such as scuffs, scratches and grass stains.  You can expect that there may be some frayed threads in your piece of jewelry from cutting the seams but this will not unravel.  Cutting leather and threads will create a masterpiece of it's own making it a one of a kind piece.  We also use "new" genuine cowhide that has been professionally tanned and processed for the purpose of making baseballs.  For instance, our "Home Is Where The Heart Is" and our "Christ In The Home" are both produced from this new leather.

Each piece is handcrafted and the direction of the "seams" will be randomly placed and will not match the photos as each one is unique.  Baseballs and Softballs seams, when cut from the ball, have different curves to them and if they are used in a piece we do not straighten the seams for, the direction can be at any angle.

The "used" sports balls we use in our products have been rescued from going in the dumpsters and landfills and donated by a multitude of baseball organizations at a variety of levels across the county and abroad.  With Scott being a College Baseball Coach and a member of local, regional, national and international baseball organizations, our rescue efforts are well received and donations are abundant.  Thank you to all who have contributed and continue to contribute to our labor of love. 

All About Baseballs and Beyond, and its owners, Scott and Shari Berry, are in no way sponsored, affiliated, endorsed or licensed by any manufacturers of baseballs nor Major/Minor League organizations.  We are however, licensed with the collegiate licensing agency, Learfield Licensing and North Dakota State University.

All About Baseballs and Beyond respects your personal and payment information.  We will never sell, lease or share with or to anyone else, this private and privileged information.