Stainless Steel 22" Beaded Chain.  These necklace pendants are hand crafted from authentic game used football leather.   Your piece could feature scuffs or scratches, lettering, white stripe markings or logos from these game played balls. Please see the DISCLAIMER below.


These products trays are silver plated with high regards to quality and measures approximately 1" x 5/8".


Please see our sports "Charms" section to add your favorite charm(s) to your selected piece(s).


DISCLAIMER: We guarantee each piece is authentic game used football leather and not all pieces cut will showcase lettering, markings or the logos. The majority of the football surface is brown leather and does not have these markings however, we are very mindful in showcasing these aspects a tiny bit in each piece we cut where available on the football.



22" Beaded Chain Necklace - Football Leather

Chain Length