This delightful and unique creation of taking a baseball and making it into a bat was the inspiration that spearheaded the formulation of this business.  We are thrilled to bring you our signature piece, “Batty About Baseball”©.


This approximate 6″ wood bat is made from Ash ,which is representative of the wood bats are made from, and is covered in used baseball leather.  The bat grip is covered in used baseball seams.  A loop of red waxed leather, used for sewing baseballs, is attached at the top of the ornament for hanging.


DISCLAIMER:  Each piece of our artwork and the leather used in our jewelry pieces are hand crafted, hand cut and hand stitched.  We use "used" baseballs, both the leather and the seams.  Each piece is genuinely unique in and of itself because of the varied wear and tear on the balls.  Some products might have faint words or lettering on the leather from the manufacturing company or the organization where the balls were played and may also sport some "beauty marks", such as scuffs, scratches and grass stains.  You can expect that there may be some frayed threads in your piece of jewelry from cutting the seams but this will not unravel.  Cutting leather and threads will create a masterpiece of it's own making it a one of a kind piece.  We also use "new" genuine cowhide that has been professionally tanned and processed for the purpose of making baseballs.  For instance, our "Home Is Where The Heart Is" and our "Christ In The Home" are both produced from this new leather.

The "used" baseballs we use in our products have been rescued from going in the dumpsters and landfills and donated by a multitude of baseball organizations at a variety of levels across the county and abroad.  With Scott being a College Baseball Coach and a member of local, regional, national and international baseball organizations, our rescue efforts are well received and donations are abundant.  Thank you to all who have contributed and continue to contribute to our labor of love. 


Batty About Baseball ©

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