You will love the softness of the Cowhide leathers and the uniqueness of the Hair on Cowhide leather products.  We have 3 options of Hair on Cowhide leathers that include "acid washed" - silver, gold and turquoise.  Most all of our earring collection is adorned with either "natural" stone beads, craft  beads and/or crystal beads as well as charms.  Each pair is created for it's own uniqueness and may include a combination using faux leather products as accent pieces.  This collection also includes Cowhide camo colored leather.  


WE WELCOME ANY CUSTOM OPTION YOU MAY DREAM UP and will do our best to fullfill your request depending on our color, product and charm stock.  You can drop us a message or indicate you product choice number and request a custom option.


DISCLAIMER:  These leathers are all natural and can have imperfections.  We do our best to use most all of our materials which can include pieces with slight scuffs, scrapes or scratches.

Genuine Hair on Cowhide Leather Earrings